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I almost wish this was released on VHS. It just has that vibe. Continue reading

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The Mirror Empire

Winds of Winter is never coming out. Read this instead. Continue reading

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The Ghost Hunters

I absolutely prefer these ghost hunters to the doofy modern dillweeds on TV. Continue reading

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Castlevania: Season Two

I look forward to the game based on the series based on a game. Continue reading

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The Fireman

Pretty sure I’d like this story a solid 30% more if it was a graphic novel. Continue reading

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Strange Days

It’s like a cyberpunk period piece, but with a strung-out Voldemort instead of cyber-ninjas. Continue reading

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There’s surely nothing in this 30 year old graphic novel applicable to the current moment. Not at all. Continue reading

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Oh, I absolutely ruin this movie by referencing reality. Sorry about that. Everything is terrible now. Continue reading

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California… knows how to party. Continue reading

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Adventure Time “Come Along With Me”

What, this continuous weeping? Allergies, man. Yeah. That’s it. Continue reading

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