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California… knows how to party. Continue reading

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Adventure Time “Come Along With Me”

What, this continuous weeping? Allergies, man. Yeah. That’s it. Continue reading

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Blade Runner 2049

Two movies and still not an electric sheep in sight. Smdh. Continue reading

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Somehow, all these depressing stories about alienation and isolation make me want to go to Dublin more. Perfectly natural response, I think. Continue reading

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Rainbows End

I’m still upset about the lack of an apostrophe in the title. Continue reading

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Moxie Contemplates Her Infinite Brilliance

An examination of the inner life of squirrels. Continue reading

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Needful Things

You idiot, I think he’s willing to make some kind of deal with the devil with you! Continue reading

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A Handful of Dust

They made a film of this book, and the tagline isn’t “Get Dusted!” How disappointing. Continue reading

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Fallout 3

Is Fallout getting stale? No, it is the children who are wrong. Continue reading

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OH I GET IT, She’s Winter because SNOW White. Yes I literally just got that. Continue reading

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