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Ha ha, at least there’s no cataclysmic danger people in power are lying about nowadays! Continue reading

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Needs more existential crisis about the meaning of being human in an inhuman wasteland, imo. Continue reading

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The Good Soldier

Quote of the book: “Why does one do things?” Good question! Continue reading

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Captain Marvel

Seriously though, is the cat getting it’s own movie or what? Continue reading

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Shadow and Bone

In Russia, Shadows Bone you! I’ll see myself out…. Continue reading

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Whenever Geostorm is not on screen, everyone should be asking “where’s Geostorm?” Continue reading

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The Waste Land Project: The Bible (I)

Do you have a few minutes to rap about the Lord? And also Modernism. Continue reading

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Logan’s Run

The tagline should just be Homer Simpson yelling “Run boy! Run for your life!” Continue reading

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The Langoliers

The story is fine but the miniseries is a cautionary tale about 90s nostalgia. Continue reading

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Jurassic Park

I also have very clear memories of the MAD Magazine parody “Jurass-has-had-it Park.’ Now that’s satire! Continue reading

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