What Is Even Happening Here?

The Apocalypedia is a site devoted to the exploration and discussion of  cultural and societal decline. I’ll explain. What I do is examine my culture’s output concerning the themes of apocalypse, armeggedeon, decline, collapse, and fun stuff like that. I focus on books, film, television, and video games written or produced with popular culture in mind, however I have no intention of shying away from literature or theory which speaks to this admittedly broad and ill-defined topic. The tone I am seeking straddles the fence between the academic and the natural, and I will absolutely swing abruptly between (hopefully not that) dry analysis and (hopefully not too over-the-top) profanity. Discussion and dissent and absolutely encouraged. The whole point is to have an accessible, engaging window into the otherwise obscure world of academic analysis. In other words: the first person to bring up Foucoult while discussing The Terminator can get the fuck out. Not really though.

A quick note on spoilers. Entries are split into two sections: synopsis and discussion. The former is a spoiler-free description of the work being discussed. If you’re unfamiliar with the work in question, here’s where you can find out if it’s a thing you’re into. The latter is free-form analytical nonsense which may or may not include hard opinions on things and is meant to be a beginning of a larger discussion, be it in the comments or in your own head. Therefore, spoilers are inevitable.

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