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Outrage Burnout is Real and Totally Fine

According to all of my social media feeds, the year 2017 has been the worst in human history. By a mile. Everything’s on fire and is only going to get worse and if you’re not out in the streets you’re … Continue reading

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American Gods

Novel * Neil Gaiman * Godpocalypse * 2001 Synopsis America is a vast and strange place, and that’s coming from an American who has lived here his entire life. It’s the early 21st century, and there is still a sense … Continue reading

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NieR: Automata

Back in my day you could murder robots in a video game and feel good about it. Continue reading

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Arbitrary Lists are Fun!

If I did my job right, people are spending some time down an 80’s MTV rabbit hole on YouTube right now. Continue reading

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Just say no to daring to say no to drugs. Continue reading

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The Blair Witch Project

Anyone who says they weren’t scared the first time is a damn liar. Continue reading

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Poor Attempts at Fancy Cookin’

How not to cook a thing. Continue reading

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The Rise of Endymion

Turns out I’m a bit of a sap. I regret nothing. Continue reading

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

No, seriously, fuck Nazis. Continue reading

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In Which I Ramble About Going Outside

Look, this is mostly an excuse to post some pictures I took this summer. Continue reading

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