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BS at the VS: Automata

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but the robots might be alive. Continue reading

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Bottom Shelf at the Video Store: The Last Days

If you play Post-Apocalypse Bingo, you’ll win in about thirty minutes. Continue reading

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Bottom Shelf at the Video Store: The Midnight After

This is why I never take the bus. There’s never anywhere to sit and then the apocalypse happens. Continue reading

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The Dark Tower (film)

There are other worlds than these, and maybe in one of them this movie isn’t disappointing. Continue reading

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Edge of Tomorrow

This movie has two titles and they’re both bad. At least the movie is good. Continue reading

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Film * Paul Verhoeven * Buying That for a Dollar Since * 1987 Synopsis Robocop is an important generational touchstone. I mean, yes, it’s a good movie, a sharp commentary on its time, and a rockin’ action flick, but it’s … Continue reading

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The Day After

Film * Nicholas Meyer * Good Old Fashioned Nukes * 1983 Synopsis When I was a teen, the town I lived in would annually test their civil defense sirens. Not because we were particularly worried about a nuclear attack in … Continue reading

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The Blair Witch Project

Anyone who says they weren’t scared the first time is a damn liar. Continue reading

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“Come to Daddy” is the grossest catch phrase ever. Continue reading

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Wonder Woman

I demand that the sequel features flapper Diana as an alcoholic expatriate in Paris. Continue reading

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