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Edge of Tomorrow

This movie has two titles and they’re both bad. At least the movie is good. Continue reading

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Time for End-of-Year Lists! We’re Doing Games, Because Books are for Dorks!

Enjoy a list of very good video games that you should play if you also like video games! Continue reading

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The Dispossessed

Anarchy never sounds quite as cool as it did when I was fifteen. Continue reading

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A Clockwork Orange

Ya dang kids stop setting my lawn on fire! Continue reading

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Horizon: Zero Dawn

Game * Guerrilla Games * Post-Machine Apocalypse * 2017 Synopsis I’m glad I don’t have to worry about what constitutes a “game of the year.” I don’t have a Switch, which means that I’m not even distracted by the likes … Continue reading

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The Visitor

Novel * Sheri S. Tepper * Fantasy Post-Post-Apocalypse * 2002 Synopsis I enjoy stories which take place after a hard reset of humanity. The immediate aftermath of an apocalyptic disaster are always going to be the more visceral experiences – … Continue reading

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Film * Paul Verhoeven * Buying That for a Dollar Since * 1987 Synopsis Robocop is an important generational touchstone. I mean, yes, it’s a good movie, a sharp commentary on its time, and a rockin’ action flick, but it’s … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Son

Short Stories * Denis Johnson * Personal Apocalypse * 1992 Synopsis People are fucked up. There, that’s pretty much the end of it. Enjoy the stories, everyone. Okay, that might be a bit of a glib dismissal, although it’s the … Continue reading

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The Day After

Film * Nicholas Meyer * Good Old Fashioned Nukes * 1983 Synopsis When I was a teen, the town I lived in would annually test their civil defense sirens. Not because we were particularly worried about a nuclear attack in … Continue reading

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