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Aaron’s Rod

It’s a Biblical reference! Also, his rod is a flute. Like a regular metal flute. That you blow on. To make music, I mean. Continue reading

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Avengers: Infinity War

All those memes make sense now! Continue reading

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Perdido Street Station

To be fair, the concept of world-ending moths require a fair amount of set up. Continue reading

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What Happened to Monday

Some day I’ll get tired of middling dystopian fiction, but today is not that day. Continue reading

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The People of Sparks

“Ember” and “Sparks” are a metaphor, you see. Continue reading

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Honestly, I need to read a better Bible. My edition has none of this cool stuff in it. Continue reading

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The City of Ember

Maybe 2019 is the year that a couple of plucky kids save the day for all of us. Continue reading

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