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The Man in the High Castle

I checked out of the Amazon series eight episodes in, so I should have expected this. Continue reading

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Honestly, I’d still like to see at least 20% more rampaging. Continue reading

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Norse Mythology

A Norse is a Norse, of course of course…. I’m so sorry. Please come back. Continue reading

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Pattern Recognition

Imagine calling yourself a “coolhunter” when people ask what you do for a living. I hunt cool. I stalk it on The Plains of Lame, so I can bring the spoils to the mighty Brands. Glory to the Brands! Continue reading

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Hazards of Time Travel

I guess “The Adventures of Mary Ellen and the Wolf Man” didn’t have enough gravitas as a title. Continue reading

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The Waste Land Project: Les Fleurs du mal

The series that makes me question my life choices continues, this time in French! Continue reading

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Far Cry 5

Skip every cut scene and you’ll have a great time! Continue reading

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Last Days

The cult is scary enough but then the bone-ghosts show up. Continue reading

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