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Soundtrack of the Apocalypse

Dearly beloved…. Continue reading

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All Quiet on the Western Front

Apocalypse in the past tense. Continue reading

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The Stand

Novel * Stephen King * Plague Apocalypse * 1978/1990 (expanded) Synopsis The Stand is not a worst-case-scenario type of apocalypse. It is, however, very close to it. The novel is an account of a cataclysmic plague event, which was unwittingly … Continue reading

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Soundtrack of the Apocalypse

I don’t really like writing about music. I’m kinda bad at it. That said, music is such a huge┬ácultural componant that I’d be remiss not to include talking about it here. After all, while I don’t like writing about it, … Continue reading

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San Andreas

Check your science at the door and watch things blow up real good. Continue reading

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In which a young nerd learns how to kick your butt. Continue reading

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Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: shooting Nazis in their stupid Nazi faces since 1992. Continue reading

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White Noise

We’re a silver gleaming death machine! Continue reading

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