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The Book of the New Sun: The Sword of the Lictor

If every cover of this series hasn’t been painted on the side of a van, I’ll be disappointed. Continue reading

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Some Do Not… (Parade’s End Pt. 1)

Modernism rules, Romanticism drools, fools! Continue reading

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End of Days

I dunno, this Satan guy seems fun. Continue reading

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Because sometimes it’s necessary to wreck your whole week up. Continue reading

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Wait, the symbol of the revolution is a mash-up of two annoying birds? Better than a Seacrow, I guess. Continue reading

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Film * Michael Bay * Asteroid Bay-ocalypse * 1998 Synopsis Armageddon is the second of two large-item-in-space-threatens-the-very-Earth movies that came out in 1998. Deep Impact, which for my interests is the slightly better movie, came out the gate first. It … Continue reading

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Going After Cacciato

Seriously, though, you can’t actually walk to Paris from Vietnam. You maroon. Continue reading

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