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Æon Flux

Film * Karyn Kusmama * Post-Plague Dystopia * 2005 Synopsis Well, it had to happen eventually. As it happens, when your goal is to create a catalogue of thoughts and impressions about an admittedly vast and rather open-ended topic like … Continue reading

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The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands

Novel * Stephen King * Entropy, Man * 1991 Synopsis This novel is where the series really hits its stride. I hesitate to call it Peak Tower, only because the fourth is just so goddamn good, but insofar as the … Continue reading

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Deep Impact

Film * Mimi Leder * Comet Apocalypse * 1998 Synopsis Stories about the sudden end of the world as we know it are popular pretty much all of the time, especially as we march ever onward into an uncertain future. … Continue reading

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Lucifer’s Hammer

Novel * Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle * Comet Apocalypse * 1977 Synopsis Lucifer’s Hammer is a total disaster. Not the book itself, which is problematic in places but overall is fine, but the comet depicted in said novel. In … Continue reading

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Film * George Miller * Post-Apocalyptic Chaos * 2015 Synopsis What, you want a plot? Technically, things happen to people in a sequence and there is a conclusion to those events, so yes, okay, there is a plot. I don’t … Continue reading

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Doomsday Book

Novel * Connie Willis * Bring Out Your Dead! * 1992 Synopsis This book wasn’t was I expected, which is odd since I didn’t really expect much of anything. So, okay, here’s how my process works when it comes to … Continue reading

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The Warriors

Film * Walter Hill * Rampant Urban Decay * 1979 Synopsis The Warriors is a chase movie, and as such the overall plot is fairly simple. The film begins with a vast, New York City-wide conclave of gangs. These gangs … Continue reading

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The Windup Girl

Novel * Paolo Bacigalupi * Post-Global Warming * 2009 Synopsis The Wind-Up Girl is a novel that takes place in a future that has suffered the worst case scenario for both global warming and the rapid development of genetic engineering. The … Continue reading

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