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Rosemary’s Baby

I know Levin wrote a sequel to this but I like my idea better. Continue reading

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“Come to Daddy” is the grossest catch phrase ever. Continue reading

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The Waste Land Project: Crome Yellow

Come on down to Crome Yellow, where the people are dull and the conversation is banal! Continue reading

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If I’m not careful I’ll start thinking that teenagers are real people. Continue reading

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The Source

Who wants to read a thousand pages of horrible, horrible things? Anyone? Hello? Well you’re missing out. Continue reading

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Castlevania: “Season” One

No miserable little pile of secrets here, I’m afraid. Continue reading

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The Diamond Age

Oh hey, it’s the last of the readable Neal Stephenson novels! ( I kid, I kid. Mostly.) Continue reading

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Wonder Woman

I demand that the sequel features flapper Diana as an alcoholic expatriate in Paris. Continue reading

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