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Thor: Ragnarok

Wow, this DEVO video has a lot dialogue in it. Continue reading

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Red Mars

This is why we need to just skip the whole colonization thing and just hook up with some benevolent aliens who will give us intergalactic travel. Much easier. Continue reading

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Leave it to the Catholics to destroy existence. Continue reading

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Hard Sun

On second thought, the presence of Tom Arnold might have improved things. Never thought I’d type those words. Continue reading

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The Floating Opera

Dear authors: Never name your protagonist ‘Todd’ if you expect your readers to take him seriously. Continue reading

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Something something do I amuse you? Something something shinebox. Continue reading

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Un Lun Dun

It’s like if Frodo got the stomach flu and couldn’t go to Mordor, so Sam booked a flight on Middle Earth Airlines and just flew to Gondor. And then took an Uber to Mordor. Continue reading

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The Waste Land Project: Tristan und Isolde

In which I attempt not to embarrass myself talking about medieval literature. Again. Continue reading

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BS at the VS: Death Race

Just gonna hop in my kill car for the old death race, down at the slaughter track. You know, the one in the genocide stadium. To the death! Continue reading

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Bag of Bones

It’s pretty spooky until the Scooby gang shows up and Scrappy-doo ruins everything. Continue reading

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