Soundtrack of the Apocalypse

I don’t really like writing about music. I’m kinda bad at it. That said, music is such a huge cultural componant that I’d be remiss not to include talking about it here. After all, while I don’t like writing about it, I am pretty much constantly listening to it. So without further preamble, I’ll begin presenting songs for inclusion on a personal Apocalyptic soundtrack. It should be noted that these songs aren’t neccessarily about apocalyptic events (although some totally are). They just feel like they could be playing in the background of one. Here we go.

Rocket Queen * Guns N’ Roses * Appetite for Destruction * 1987

In honor of Axl and Slash finally getting their shit together and going on an amazingly expensive reunion tour, I’ll kick this thing off with one of my favorite G’N’R songs. This song is fucking filthy. The intro is the one of the dirtiest goddamn things you’ll ever hear. It conjurs up images of late-80’s Los Angeles: smog and grime and wrecked human detrius sweltering on busted asphalt and crumbling concrete. These images, of course, are exactly what Guns N’ Roses embodied back in the day. As further evidence, here’s the band performing this in ’88. You might need a shower afterward.

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