Soundtrack of the Apocalypse

Wake Up * Rage Against the Machine * Rage Against the Machine * 1992

I just watched The Matrix (entry coming in about six weeks!), and that film ends with this song. For one thing, that’s a 90s-ass movie, so it’s fitting to end on a 90s-ass song like this. For another, Rage had an album out in 1999, so it’s odd they reached back to the first album for a song to use. Of course, “Wake Up” makes sense considering what that film’s about, more so than “Guerrilla Radio” at any rate. Whatever, though, I occasionally enjoy me some Rage, so here we go.

They’re mad about stuff. Even in a generally docile time in American history geo-politically, there’s plenty to be outraged about. And nobody can even get close to RATM when it comes to outrage. Look, there’s not much to pore over here. Lyrically, this band has always seemed to be an outlet for generalized anger. “Shit’s real bad, pay attention fuckheads!” Then lots of atonal guitar noodling and screaming. Sometimes, that kind of cathartic rage just feels right. Especially when the world seems to be teetering on the edge of chaos. Good thing the world’s not like that now!

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