Soundtrack of the Apocalypse

Blackened * Metallica * …And Justice for All * 1988

A little bit of classic metal for everyone. This is the lead track from the final album of Metallica’s proper thrash period. After this they cut their hair and stopped writing epic nine minute long songs. Whatever, though, because this here song is literally about the death of Mother Earth, in which the human race literally burns her to a cinder.

Smouldering decay
Take her breath away
Millions of our years
In minutes disappears

Darkening in vain
Decadence remains
All is said and done
Never is the sun

Yeah, that’s pretty fuckin’ metal all right. The entire album is super dark, so this is a fitting introduction. And really, if we’re talking about the end of all things, what else are you going to listen to? Taylor Swift? No. Double kick drums and crunchy-ass riffs. That’s all one needs to ring in the end of the world.

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