Soundtrack of the Apocalypse

Orange Crush * R.E.M. * Green * 1988

In the interest of full disclosure, R.E.M. is probably my favorite band. Well, at the moment. I’m fickle about these things. Anyway, if you know anything about this band and/or about media involving the end of the world, this song likely seems like an odd choice considering the band has a song that’s actually about the end of the world, and their feelings about it. Well, I’m hipstering the shit out of that song because it’s played out. Not really, but I feel that “Orange Crush” is not only a better song, but more menacing and militant in its tone.

There’s a good reason for that, considering the song is about Agent Orange (the chemical defoliating chemical used in the Vietnam War, not the punk band, you silly). If you listen to the lyrics you might be forgiven for not getting that right away. However, the tone of the song, which is generally what I’m interested in, is that of an impassioned resonse against an impending military threat. Which, in a way, Agent Orange was. Anyway, the purfunct drumming, the concise structure, and of course the military chanting all add to the atmostphere of shit going down. In my mind, this is the song that plays during when the Resistance has their preperation montage. Lyrically that doesn’t make sense, but shut up, it’s my weird dystopian head-movie. Also, the lyrics are obtuse and strange because this is R.E.M. and that’s what they do.

Oh, and I have no idea what is happening in this video. It’s like Warner gave the band $100 and a child and said “go nuts, guys!” Art: who even knows?

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