Adventure Time: Season Four

Television * Pendleton Ward * Post-Apocalypse-Lite *2012


The fourth season of Adventure Time sees the series spread itself out over various storylines, introduce new characters, and continue to develop the principal personalities. Various episodes, even the one-off adventures, further develop the world of Ooo and its history. Basically, while Season 4 is perhaps not as consistently great as other seasons of the show, the world of Adventure Time continues to grow, expand, and gain depth as it moves along. Finn is still growing up and is now blundering headlong into adolescence, which is pretty much as awkward and awful as you remember it. Flame Princess becomes a character in her own right, beyond her role as Finn’s first girlfriend. There are aspects of seemingly stand-alone episodes that will spawn future storylines, or at the very least add more depth and context to later events. This season also introduces a couple of episodes that can be regarded as experimental offshoots of the “regular” proceedings, something which will continue as the series moves forward. Lemongrab is back. We continue to learn about the nature of various relationships between more than just the principal characters. And then the season ends on a real nutbutter of a cliff-hanger with the return of The Lich. As for everything else that makes Adventure Time special, it’s all still here and getting better. The bright, whimsical post-apocalypse is more detailed and beautiful as ever, and the writing is still snappy and playful. Look, that aspect of the show doesn’t change. The wit and charm are what make the show great, and luckily, as of this writing, that has yet to fade. Now, let’s look at some episodes.

AT4 finn

I know, buddy, I’m excited too.

“Hot to the Touch”

Season three left us on a bit of a cliff-hanger (although it’s nothing compared to the season four finale), in which Finn gets snapped out of his Princess Bubblegum crush by an attractive young fire elemental. This is the first episode to really show what Flame Princess is all about, and sets up her background. Basically, she has been imprisoned by her father for most of her life because the Flame Kingdom and everyone in it is evil. Despite that, she’s presented here as more of an innocent than an inherently evil being. Yeah, she sets fire to everything, but that’s her nature. She’s a fire elemental. Finn, meanwhile, is forced to figure out a way to stop her while coming to terms with the fact that he’s unable to harm her because he has a crush. Finn is attracted to strong and/or dangerous women, you see. Poor guy, not only does he now have to navigate the minefield of puberty, but the girl he’s into is literal fire. Finn begins his relationship education here, and there is a built-in tension with Fire Princess that is set up right away.

“Five Short Graybles”

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this, other than it’s the first of a recurring anthology-type episode. This first one focuses almost entirely on silliness. I always enjoy these episodes because they allow the writers to indulge ridiculous ideas that aren’t worth a full eleven minutes, also because Emo Philips as Cuber is great. Oh, and there’s a fun detail in the framing segment of the episode where Cuber is hanging out and there’s a holographic globe next to him showing Earth with a big ol’ hole in it. That Mushroom War was a helluva thing.

AT4 cuber

Emo Philips is a beautiful weirdo and is apparently ecstatic “to do the voice of a strange creature,” seen here.

“Return to the Nightosphere”/“Daddy’s Little Monster”

Finn and Jake wake up in a pile of bananas and have no memory of how they came to be there. I know, it’s weird for an Adventure Time episode to begin with such a mundane opening, but what can you do? Anyway, they are quick to realize that they’re in the Nightosphere, which is a chaotic hell-dimension ruled by Marceline’s dad, Hunson Abadeer. As you might imagine, the Nightosphere is visually a mix of a Bosch painting and an Iron Maiden cover. It’s dope, and the crew indulges in a full 360 degree shot of Finn and Jake’s first view of the landscape. Despite spending so much time with other characters, the crux of these episodes is the relationship between Marceline and her dad, which was broached way back in season two. Hunson, being chaotic evil, tricks his daughter into following in his footsteps, quite against her will. Finn, with perseverance and freestyle rap, manages to free her from Hunson’s plot. Parental love is complicated, especially between demons (and half-demons), and it is noteworthy that despite his evil, soul-destroying nature, Hunson is still capable of love (Marceline’s mother, who we still haven’t really seen much of, was human and from all evidence not evil), as is Marceline herself. Of course, the relationship remains troubled, but they can (and do) grow from here.

AT4 nightosphere

I told you Adventure Time is metal.


One day, Princess Bubblegum decided to create a giant, immortal Sphinx-monster with her own DNA, because of science. She named this thing Goliad, and intended it to be her heir, should P.B. someday die (for all we know at this point in the series, she’s 18). This episode is something of a character study for Princess Bubblegum. She is obsessed with two things: responsibility for her people, and scientific progress. This story blends these two obsessions, although her experiment has disastrous results. Since she was awake for 83 hours, P.B. left leadership training up to Finn and Jake. The lesson went poorly, and Goliad, being a genius, telepathic super-being immediately made the logical conclusion that direct control of her subjects was more efficient than their freedom. Since Goliad is more powerful than anyone else in the Candy Kingdom, she quickly takes everything over. Bubblegum’s only recourse is to create another giant, immortal Sphinx-monster to counter Goliad’s power. This time, however, she uses some of Finn’s DNA in the formula. The result, Stormo, is equally as powerful and is able to freeze Goliad into an eternal stalemate. They now serve as decoration at the castle. Oh, and a lesson about the abuse of scientific power, I guess. I also think it is noteworthy that Finn’s DNA is the basis for Stormo’s selfless sacrifice while P.B.’s DNA leads to ruthless efficiency. This is an aspect of Bubblegum’s character that continues to be developed, and makes her one of the deeper, most troubled characters on the show.

“Beyond This Earthly Realm”

Adventure Time has a pretty wide mystical streak (that reaches its peak at the end of season six, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves), and for the most part it’s able to explore these themes while balancing them with a heavy dose of humor. There’s not a whole lot to this particular episode, but since it’s one of the first that really pulled me into the series, I’ll include it here. Mostly, it was Finn looking into the spirit hole and saying “Weird. That’s weird, but whatevs though. Whatevs.” Something about the offhand delivery of that line in addition to the colorful craziness of the spirit realm pushed the show over the top for me.

AT4 bmo

BMO: Scientifically designed for maximum adorableness.

“Princess Cookie”

Speaking of Princess Bubblegum being ruthless, this episode begins with a hostage situation that P.B. is ready to turn into a sugarbath (candy people don’t have blood, you goof) in order to exert her power. Honestly, that’s mostly why this episode is of interest. Whimsical Jake spends most of this episode being mad at P.B. because she overrode his desire to be a mailman, rebels against her and helps Princess Cookie (so named because all he ever wanted was to be a Princess like Bubblegum) escape. Bubblegum, determined to eradicate any threat to her people, hunts him down. Eventually, Princess Cookie attempts suicide, but only manages to end up in a mental health facility. Uh, this episode is unusually dark. Despite the aesthetic and overall tone of the show, Adventure Time doesn’t flinch away from darkness. Yet another thing which makes it great.

“Sons of Mars”

Magic Man! He’s the worst, and is also freaking great. This is an episode that single-handedly expands the world of Adventure Time, and places Ooo into a greater context. Magic Man is revealed to be an outcast of the Martian super-society, and the episode begins with the four-sided deity of Grob Gob Glob Grod coming to Ooo to arrest him and bring M.M. back to Mars in order to be prosecuted by the King of Mars, Abraham Lincoln. What? Makes sense to me. Anyway, to avoid this, Magic Man uses the last of his magic juice to switch bodies with Jake. G4 returns to Mars with Jake in M.M.’s body and Finn promptly freaks out. Finn follows Magic Man to his hovel, where we learn just a tiny bit about his tortured past. He’s still a jerk, though. Anyway, Finn is able to teleport to Mars (where we see Earth from space, the giant chunk that is missing, and an asteroid belt made out of candy), where he manages to confront the King of Mars… Abe Lincoln. He’s too late and Jake ends up dead, but Abe visits Death and manages to trade his mortality in order to rectify his mistake. So! It’s a very busy episode, but it represents the extent of world-building that Adventure Time is willing to imagine. Everything that is revealed here makes sense once you get past some of the sillier aspects, not unlike any other kind of well-written fantasy. Ooo has a religion of sorts, worshipping Glob, but this episode shows that G4 is not an omniscient being. While it is still not entirely clear what the relationship between Ooo and Mars is, this episode shows that there is one. That the show holds back only makes things more interesting.

AT4 G4

The deities of Adventure Time are not exactly omnipotent wonderlords, it turns out.

“Burning Low”

This is another episode which builds the relationship between Finn and his new lady, Flame Princess. It is also another look at what makes Princess Bubblegum tick, which I feel is the most important aspect of this episode. Yes, Finn and Flame Princess are flippin’ adorable, but this part of their arc is mainly adolescent infatuation, which… whatever. Bubblegum, on the other hand, is motivated entirely by responsibility. The plot here is based on a simple misunderstanding, in which Jake assumes P.B. is jealous of Finn’s new girl when in fact she concerned for the safety of her kingdom. You see, back in the day, Bubblegum had the Flame King imprison his daughter because of concerns over her stability. Two things: that’s messed up, and Bubblegum is much older than 18. Again, P.B. shows no hesitation in doing ethically questionable things when it comes to the safety of her citizens, which she attempts to explain to Finn, though he utterly misunderstands what she’s saying. Still, P.B.’s intent is to force Finn to sacrifice his own happiness to avoid a danger to her kingdom. As it happens, Bubblegum is half-right, and as Finn scores his first kiss, things go terribly wrong. Finn, ever the unthinking hero, manages to rescue Flame Princess (and the rest of Ooo) at great danger to himself. I’m not sure self-sacrifice would ever be an option for Bubblegum. I suspect that she would nearly always deem herself to be vital to the safety of her people, which is of course her primary concern. Yet, the episode ends with Jake noticing Bubblegum looking rather longingly at Finn and Flame Princess. He asks if she’s jealous, to which she replies sadly, “shut up.” The implication is that she totally is… but I don’t think she’s envious of Flame Princess. After all, Finn is all of 13 years old, and who knows how old Bubblegum really is. No, she’s jealous of Finn’s ability to think and act beyond responsibility. She’s jealous of what she considers his freedom. These themes intensify and get more complicated as the series moves on, just by the way.

AT4 finn and FP

Finn-burrito-hug is okay, but DON’T DO TIER 15!

“BMO Noire”

There is an episode which is black and white and shot in the style of a noire film. Yep. For the kids.

“King Worm”

Sometimes, when the writers feel constrained by all the restrictions imposed on them by the gritty, limited realities of the show, Adventure Time veers off into a dream sequence. Sometimes they’re straight-up hallucinations, but you know, kids. Anyway, this episode takes place entirely in Finn’s dream zone, which is being forced on him by King Worm. Finn and worms have an acrimonious relationship. The worms want to be on the bed, you see, and Finn has a very firm stance on that (“No worms on the bed!”) I’m calling this episode out because it’s fun on a visual level, and because there are some details here which come into play in the future. The Cosmic Owl doesn’t show up, so one could imagine these things aren’t necessarily predestined, but who knows. I like when Lady Rainacorn shows up with two mouths.

“Lady and Peebles”

Speaking of Lady Rainacorn, she’s a very important character in this episode. As the title implies, the story centers on Lady and Princess Bubblegum, who set off to rescue their boys with science. The episode examines their relationship, although while it is clear that P.B. is very dedicated to her friend, the fact that Lady only speaks Korean kind of puts a damper on what can be done with her character (because I assume most viewers do not speak Korean). They have their adventure whereupon they reveal that Ricardio the Heart Guy returns for a callback to the first season. There is a fight scene in which Bubblegum goes full badass and saves the day. The kicker of the episode, however, is the reveal that Lady is pregnant. So yes, in case you were curious, Jake and Lady get it on regularly. I enjoy the fact that the show makes this reveal, and then promptly ignores it for a while. There are occasional references later on, but until the puppies are born, this is just part of the world now.



“You Made Me”

Lemongrab. I mean what else do you want? This episode builds on the character and demonstrates his authoritarian tendencies. Like Goliad, Lemongrab is a product of Princess Bubblegum. It’s not really disclosed why he turned out like he is, but it seems that he inherited all of P.B.’s nastier qualities while missing out on everything that redeems her. The gist of the episode is that Lemongrab demands citizens, because nobody wants to live under his harsh rule. Bubblegum sends some delinquents, but that goes poorly. Eventually she makes another Lemongrab for him to be with, so now there are two weird psychopaths to look forward to.

AT4 lemongrab

Uh, I’m sure they’ll be fine.

“Ignition Point”

Another Flame Princess episode, this is basically Hamlet. Okay, well, one aspect of Hamlet whereupon Finn and Jake come across conspiring assassins and do the whole ‘put on a play to out the assassins’ ruse. Other than Shakespeare humor, we learn that Flame Princess isn’t doomed to evil, which is good for everyone involved, really.

“The Hard Easy”

Jonathan Katz is a voice in this episode, and I love Jonathan Katz. If you needed another reason to understand that Adventure Time, like, gets it, they clearly let Katz just improvise his nonsense in what is undeniably his style. It’s like someone shoved thirty seconds of Dr. Katz into the Adventure Time universe (this is, of course, a prelude to a much later episode featuring Billy West which is basically Futurama).

“I Remember You”

If you’re not prepared, this episode could wreck you. By now, we know that the Ice King is named Simon, and was alive before the Mushroom War, the apocalyptic event which occurred about 1000 years in the past. The crown he wears, it was revealed, has kept him alive at the expense of his sanity. Simon was a great scientist in his day, and had a girlfriend named Betty, and everything was groovy until he found the crown, which worked slowly. After the apocalypse it is implied that he continued going slowly insane, wandering the earth until eventually it’s 1000 years later and the Candy Kingdom has arisen from the ashes of the world. So that story, on its own, is kind of tragic. Poor Simon. However, to really mess with your feelings there needs to be a third party to magnify that pain. Enter Marceline, the 1000 year old half-demon Vampire Queen. This episode reveals that Marceline and Simon had a very close relationship all those years ago, before Marcy was a vampire and just a lonely child. Simon was her protector and her friend, but he was still slowly losing his mind. Finally Simon transitioned completely into the Ice King, and Marcy was alone again. Yet despite his insanity, Simon was still attracted to Marceline, even though he’s never really understood why. This story is told largely through song, and it’s touching and horrible, and I can’t help but be impressed that an eleven minute cartoon can illicit feelings in me the vast majority of stories cannot.

“The Lich”

So here’s that jacked-up cliffhanger I mentioned. If Finn and Jake’s first encounter with The Lich was a fate-of-the-word deal, this episode raises the stakes even further. Instead of simply placing all of Ooo in danger, at the conclusion of this episode all the various dimensions of reality are threatened with extinction by The Lich. He’s a bad dude. Everything about this episode is steeped in a slowly building dread. The color palette is toned down and muted, events move too fast, and characters are shown acting in ways we’re not accustomed to. Finn stealing Bubblegum’s crown and Princess Bubblegum slicing Finn’s face, for instance. There is quite a bit of lore that can be mined from the events of this episode, as well. Mostly these details ask way more questions than they answer, but insofar as world building is concerned, that’s the way to do it. Finn, Jake, and previous hero Bill zoom around Ooo in search of the gems of power, which are ensconced in various princesses’ crowns. These gems, once placed into the Enchiridion (the adventurer’s handbook) can open up a portal to the multi-verse, which the user can use to enter the Time Room and demand wishes from the mystical being Prismo. We shall get to Prismo next season. He is the best. Eventually it is revealed that Billy is dead, having been murdered by The Lich, who tricks Finn into opening the portal for him. The season ends with Finn and Jake following The Lich into the portal. Yikes.

AT4 lich

Maybe work on your character judging skills, Finn.

These Words Are All Great

“I was trying to help you get over your Princess Bubblegum sad times by hooking you two up. But she’s evil, man.” “You shut your dirty mouth!” *slap!*  –  Jake and Finn, “Hot to the Touch”

“Nah, man. I peeped beyond her burning gaze and noshed hot lunch with her soul. She ain’t evil.” – Jake, “Hot to the Touch”

“I am ambushing you!” – Flame Princess, “Hot to the Touch”

“Duuude. I feel like I could touch the heavens and sock angels.” – Jake, “Hot to the Touch”

“Even if everyone burns, you’ll still have me, creator.” – NEPTR, “Hot to the Touch”

“This is the most perfect sandwich that has ever existed, or will ever exist, within the confines of space/time.” – Princess Bubblegum, “Five Short Graybles”

“Right now we need to real-talk about your girlfriend.” “I don’t real-talk with my food.” – Finn and Bobcat Goldthwait, I mean a spider, “Web Weirdos”

“Oh, no. You’ve got that look on your face. You going back to help that fool?” – Jake, “Web Weirdos”

AT4 web weirdos

This is 100% the least disturbing gif available for this episode. You’re welcome.

“You two need to hide your love or you’ll end up making the whole world throw up.” – Finn, “Dream of Love”

“We’re trying to hide our love but it’s so difficult.” “TRY HARDER.” – Tree Trunks and Jake, “Dream of Love”

“You think we did something wrong?” “Yeah right, when did we ever did wrong actions?” – Finn and Jake, “Return to the Nightosphere”

“Mayhaps we drank juice of the Elder Toad” – Jake, “Return to the Nightosphere”

“Maybe these were all the dummy demons. Right, big guy? You’re not so smart, right? Yeeeeah.” – Finn, “Return to the Nightosphere”

“I don’t know if my little boy heart can take it.” – Finn, “Return to the Nightosphere”

“Don’t be a wiener, dog.” – Marceline, “Daddy’s Little Monster”

“These guys won’t help you, they’re all complacent sheeple.” “Wait. That’s it! We’re gonna freestyle a political rap to get these guys to rise out of their systemized demon apathy!” – Jake and Finn, “Daddy’s Little Monster”

“Yeah. Unh. Political Rap! Demon apathy. Yo zappity. Get ready! Government. Where you went? Yo. Farmer’s market. Ride bikes! Get on it. Geodesic domes. Science. Ya heard?” – Finn’s dope-ass political rap, “Daddy’s Little Monster”

AT4 bmo2

BMO hates it when Mom and Dad argue.

“Oh fine. Well that’s just great. Then you and MC Cool Friend can go stink it up together at your stupid cool Finn party all by yourself, ‘cause I’m not going.” – Jake, “In Your Footsteps”

“What the? Is this an extra butt?” – Finn, “Hug Wolf”

“Jake, hurry!” “Is he crushing you, man?” “No, he’s just hugging me gently.” “Ohhh.” “Hey buddy, you okay?” “Didn’t even tell me his name.” – Finn and Jake, “Hug Wolf”

“Surely this frosted drink will soothe my fevered tempers.” – Mr. Cupcake, “Hug Wolf”

“How am I supposed to calm down? Lumping thief is out there getting fresh with my lumps!” “Gross.” – Lumpy Space Princess and Jake, “Princess Monster Wife”

“Princess Bubblegum, are you okay?” “Yeah! I’m good. Haven’t slept for 83 solid hours but… yeah, I’m good.” – Jake and P.B., “Goliad”

“No, Goliad, that’s wrong too. You can’t just control people or whatever. It’s messed up.” “No, Finn. This ways’ good. Everyone did what I wanted, really fast, no mistakes, calm like you said. This definitely is the way to lead. Definitely.” “No, no… wait, is that true?” – Finn and Goliad, “Goliad”

AT4 goliad

Turns out P.B.’s freakshow weirdo Sphinx-monster is psychotic. Huh.

“I’m getting’ all cranky around my chokehole.” – Jake, “Beyond This Earthly Realm

“BMO, stop fake farting.” “But Finn always loved BMO farting.” *angrily farts* — Jake and BMO, “Beyond This Earthly Realm”

“We are tur-bros. Turbo bros! Tur-bros. Turbo… bros….” – Ice King, “Beyond This Earthly Realm”

“Weird. That’s weird, but whatevs though. Whatevs.” – Finn, “Beyond This Earthly Realm”

“Cool. What do you think, Finn? Can we pull back the veil of static and reach into the source of all being? Behind this curtain of patterns, this random pattern generator. So clever. Right here, in every home, watching us from a one-sided mirror. Hee Hee! Whoops! Just wizard-talkin’ to myself.” – Ice King, “Beyond This Earthly Realm”

“Dude, look at her…. Yeah, it’s sad.” – Finn, “Gotcha!”

“You got to go undercover and conduct your lump science on him. Prove to the world that even a white knight like Finn is no match for the power of your lumps.” – Turtle Princess, “Gotcha!”

AT4 lsp tp

“Heeeey giiiirl!” – LSP and Turtle Princess, “Gotcha!”


“LSP you’re wearing garbage for clothes!” “Gotcha!” – Jake and LSP, “Gotcha!”

“Get ready, Jake. When we get to the cookie you throw some milk in his face and yell ‘Alvin’s hot juice box!’ He’ll be really confused and that’s when we grab him and tie him up style.” – Finn, “Princess Cookie”

“It’s about to turn crazy nasty, hello.” – Princess Bubblegum being ice cold, “Princess Cookie”

“No, that cookie is a menace. Once the hostages are safe, Cookie goes in my dungeon. In my dungeon for his life.” – Princess Bubblegum, “Princess Cookie”

“You’re either with us or against us!” “Agaaaaainst?” – Jake and Finn, “Princess Cookie”

“I thought you’d say it’s for nerds who do not know how life is outside the nerd universe.” “It is, man.” – Jake and Finn, “Card Wars”

AT4 floop

Finn, “Card Wars”

“BMO chop! If this were a real attack, you’d be dead.” – BMO, “Card Wars”

“Hey friend, don’t be afraid. I’m a gypsy child like you, running wild and crazy.” – Magic Man, “Sons of Mars”

“I wish I could help, except I don’t” “You Succubutt!” “Come on, let’s go to my house. Come on, let’s go to my house!” – Magic Man and Finn, “Sons of Mars”

“And what about that one time he turned all the water into hair and we all go so thirsty we drank it? And when we drank it we went bald. Many of us did not recover and to this day hide our loss behind groovy headgear.” – Grob Gob Glob Grod, “Sons of Mars”

“I win again, just like always!” – Magic Man, “Sons of Mars”

“Look, let me explain some junk about dating. Right now you’re at tier 1, which is hugging. But pretty soon you’ll be at tier 2, which is smooching. Then down the road, you’ll make it to tier 5, where she’ll let you discover all 15 feet of her long, beautiful stomach. And after a while, you’ll make it to tier 8, where you touch her horn for the very first time. Very special.” “What about tier 15?” “You stay away from that! DO NOT DO TIER 15.” “Dude, I got no idea what you’re talking about.” – Jake and Finn, “Burning Low”

“Say something about her spectrum.” “Ew!” – Jake and Finn, “Burning Low”

“What if I put some knuckle in your eyeballs? Would that help you think?” – BMO, “BMO Noire”

“Sure he’s a dirtbag born out of a mother, but who isn’t?” – BMO, “BMO Noire”

“Our chicken’s name is Lorraine?” “She’s red hot like pizza supper!” – Jake and BMO, “BMO Noire”

“Yay BMO!” – BMO, “BMO Noire”

“I’m having coffee with The Lich. You wouldn’t understand. You’re too young!” – dreamtime Bubblegum, “King Worm”

“Get out of our house, King Worm!” – Finn, “King Worm”

“Ball-blam-berglerber!” – Princess Bubblegum, “Lady and Peebles”

“Okay Ricardio, I’ll do it. I’ll be your wife. IF you can beat me in hand-to-hand combat.” “Oh my. How Valkyrian.” – Bubblegum and Ricardio, “Lady and Peebles”

“Princess! Ricardio is back and he’s in the black ice cave and he’s peacocking hardcore!” – Finn, “Lady and Peebles”

“I wanna see Peppermint Butler’s aura!” “Heh-heh, you don’t want to see that.” – Finn and Pep But, “You Made Me”

“We want the big cash money wad. Enough to provide for our delinquent mothers so that hopefully they’ll show us the love we always dreamed about in our sad, young lives.” – Pup Gang, “You Made Me”

“Mmmm PUT YOU IN MY OVEN!” – Lemongrab after attempting to show affection for like three seconds, “You Made Me”

“A lemon gives by taking!” “And cares by yelling!” – Lemongrabs, “You Made Me”

“You don’t want bionic legs. It ain’t natchie.” “I don’t care about natchie.” – Jake and Finn, “Who Would Win”

“Yeah, don’t you always call sweatpants give-up-on-life pants?” I do, because peeps need to respect themselves when they leave the house, even if it’s for ice cream or t.p. or whatevs.” – Finn and Jake, “Who Would Win”

“Come on, let’s get out of here. I don’t want to miss snack time. Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!” – Flame people, “Ignition Point”

“So is Flame Princess evil, or maybe chaotic neutral?” “She’s evil.” “Okay, so your daughter is evil, we’ve established that. But, do you think if a good guy really liked her, could he change her to good?” “Hm, well, there’d be penalties to her experience if she acted out of alignment, but… yes.”—Finn and Flame King, “Ignition Point”

“I’m sorry about that. You know, we secrete stink-oil all day, out of our awful-sauce glands. You know, I should have warned you.” – Dr. Katz, I mean Woobeewoo Elder, “The Hard Easy”

“He’s like 100 stories of 110% 10 speed terror like bam, like fresh out the grease.” – Woobeewoo Elder, “The Hard Easy”

“The thing with frogs is they’ve got a real subtle smell. It’s kind of like when you open a new thing of, um, CD-R’s.” “Like, electric celery?” “Yeah, but subtler.” – Jake and Finn, “The Hard Easy”

“That guy’s gonna dingle our bones into tapioca pudding!” “Finn, that’s gross, man. Don’t use language like that!” – Finn and Jake, “The Hard Easy”

“It’s eating me! Gently eating me! No teeth. Mostly tongue.” – Finn, “The Hard Easy”

“Nah, I was just steppin’ to ya, girl, with my intellectual wizard politics. Noooo, don’t go. Well, swing at every ball, that’s what J.T. Dawgzone says.” – Ice King, “Reign of Gunthers”

“Wizards only, fools. Keep it tight.” – Ice King, “Reign of Gunthers”

“Jake, we gots penguins.” – Finn, “Reign of Gunthers”

“That’s bad. You know what you get now? That’s right. You get the squirty-squirts.” – Ice King, “Reign of Gunthers”

“You don’t even know who you are.” “Yes I do, I’m a lyricist!” – Marceline and Ice King, “I Remember You”

“Dark times are coming,” –“The Lich”

Jump to the rest of the series: Season 1; Season 2; Season 3; Season 5 (Part One); Season 5 (Part Two); Season 6 (Part One)

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